Domain Registration

Do you need a domain name?

With Veraida, domain registration is simple – all domains are $150 for a two year period. (see Pricing matrix)

Then you need never worry about your domain again – we will ensure that it is delegated appropriately and is renewed promptly as required.


Web site hosting

What is web page hosting?

Veraida offer a range of hosting packages. Packages start from $150 per annum, check the Pricing Matrix for more details.

Secure Certificates (SSL)

If your site includes a shopping cart or accepts any sort of credit card payment, Veraida will help setup the site with SSL encryption.


includes dedicated IP (when hosted by Veraida)

SSL Certificates – Why Use Encryption?

We pass a tremendous amount of sensitive information back and forth via the internet, VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks), LAN’s (Local Area Networks), etc. every day. What is to stop hackers and thieves from tapping in to that sensitive information and using it to their own gain? That would be the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for one.

In these days of information there are a great number of reasons web designers and developers use secured pages. Here are some of the most common reasons web developers use secured pages:

  • Protect user identities and passwords
  • Protect credit card transactions and other sensitive information during online consumer purchases
  • Allows users to safely view personal and business financial information
  • Keep secret sensitive corporate information being passed between branches, divisions, etc.

Granted, there are many more reasons you may come across a need for security but the short list above gives you some of the highlights. Hopefully, you see that without the ability for encryption many of the online resources we take for granted today would not be possible.